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LA Solar founded in 2019, is an Armenian company producing solar modules. The company's choice is the Swiss Meyer Burger system, one of the best in the world. This system is being used in the manufacturing of modern generator equipment developed by the Swiss company Meyer Burger. The solar modules of the plant pass the most important stages of quality control before arriving at the consumer and meet the quality standards of the USA and Europe. Thanks to the latest technologies used in the Solar field, LA Solar panels absorb several times more sunlight than panels produced by other technologies.

The mission of the Company is to raise public awareness of the benefits of solar energy in the local market. In addition, La Solar strives to become one of the best manufacturers in the global market.

La Solar is the operator of a non - tax zone in the Eurasian Economic Union.
The plant is located in the “Alliance” Free Economic Zone. The production capacity of the plant is 90 MW per year, which is expected to reach 200 MW in 2022.
LA SOLAR GROUP USA is a well known company in the United States and abroad and is the parent company of LA Solar, which was founded based on the professional and partnership experience of LA SOLAR GROUP USA. It has offices in California, Nevada and Texas.

  • Global Partners:
    50 +
  • Destination Countries:
    40 +
  • Production Capacity:
    350 MW
Brand Mission

Our mission

Manufacturing premium solar modules corresponding

to internationally established quality standards, 

LA Solar Factory helps businesses working in the

solar system production sphere to produce

contemporary and unique products. We will help you

become the most desirable partners and the most trustworthy

suppliers for your consumers.

Our vision

By providing the finest and most innovative solutions

for solar energy, we aim to contribute,

promote and grow in the global renewable energy sector.


                                      - Improve the way of receiving and using the energy

                                      - Transform energy resources

                                      - Create a sustainable future

                                      - Seek the most efficient and most profitable solar solutions.

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