PERC Technology


Standing for "Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell", the term PERC refers to solar modules with an additional dielectric passivation layer, a reflective rear surface and aluminium contacts. Due to the additional reflective surface, the unused sunlight is once again absorbed instead of being wasted. With the PERC Cell's unique structure, the system achieves higher efficiency than standard solar cells. Such an innovative technology enables the manufacturers to gain up to 1% absolute efficiency.

  • Cell Efficiency in Mass Production

  • Low Temperature Efficiency Coefficient

  • Outstanding Low Irradiance Performance

Half-Cut Cell Technology

Half-Cut Cell technology divides the cell into two separate parts using an infrared laser. As a result, the working current is halved in two increasing the solar module's power efficiency by 2%. The benefits of this technology lie in the ability of the solar module to produce power even if a part of it is shaded or has some kind of technical issue. The efficiency boost from cutting a solar cell into half leads to better production per m², higher output and lesser power losses.

Lower Hot Spot Temperature

The phenomenon known as a hot spot results in a localized decrease in efficiency, leading to lower output power. The long duration of the hotspot can result in irreversible module degradation of the parts most affected by the high temperature, as half-cell modules have half the string current of full-cell modules.